Today’s successful businesses are looking for a new breed of salesperson: people motivated more by the satisfaction of helping a customer, rather than just the financial reward. People who can delve deeper into the customer’s needs: what have they already seen, what did they like, what didn’t they like, what do they really need? The modern salesperson knows how to research and they know more about the buyer’s business than the buyer.

This new breed is naturally curious, not in a nosey way but in an intellectual way. They intuitively understand that today’s salesperson should be…

No cajoling. Today’s buyer wants honest suggestions and helpful advice. Pushing people to buy your product when it is not a good fit is a no, no. They will be less likely to come back, especially if your venue or hotel is exactly what they need the next time round. Always be genuine about your product and what you can offer.

Also means being transparent. With information readily available on the Internet you need to bring more to the table than they can find online, or even on your website. People want to be engaged, even surprised by what they don’t know, about your product. But you must be upfront and honest about what you are promising and what they will get.

A buyer is often looking for more than just a venue, accommodation or event organiser. They’re looking for a partner, an opportunity to join forces and work together, a supplier who can share the workload. Being capable of offering collaborative ideas and ‘visual road maps’ is a unique talent but really understanding your client and their needs goes a long way in helping you get there.

Fostering a relationship built on trust, dependability and sincerity can take time. Being highly engaged and interactive with the customer over sustained periods of time takes motivation and commitment. Tenacity and perseverance mixed with the softly, softly approach is what’s needed.

Today’s new breed of salesperson is a combination of an extrovert and an introvert. Knowing when to be which personality underpins the truly successful. (Tourism Marketing Solutions)

How prepared are your sales people for the year ahead?

We have the specialist knowledge and experience to deliver dynamic and engaging training and development programmes including a number of new courses:-

  • Consultative Sales Techniques
  • Sales Research & New Business Development
  • Enquiry Handling Excellence
  • Delivering Exceptional Show rounds
  • Negotiation Skills to Drive Conversion
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Management & Leadership Development Programme


Individual coaching can support personal development and ensure that the core skills learnt in workshops are transferred back into the workplace and specific “fine tuning” can be addressed where required.

Development of supervisors and managers in giving feedback and coaching will enable this to be carried out successfully in the business or additional support can be provided to improve the overall development of the team.

Open Courses

A series of open courses are being developed in conjunction with Marketing Manchester so this may be another option for smaller teams and individuals within your team where specific development is required.


By selecting Melanie Cash, you are choosing to work with a specialist in the Hospitality industry with a wealth of high profile, satisfied clients who continue to work with her time after time.  All training is designed to give trainees the core skills and practise sessions to allow them to deliver improved performance back in the workplace.

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