Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is most often beneficial to drive performance of an individual, designed to improve the person’s on-the-job performance.  Whereas Mentoring is more development driven, looking not just at the person’s current role but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to their career development.

Melanie is an exceptional coach and has the skills and experience to provide the very best, tailored approach for managers, supervisors, and team members to help them to evaluate their own ways to improve their performance and develop their skills.

Mentoring is also an extremely valuable approach to supporting career development and Melanie has worked in several situations where she has been able to create a platform for that manager to grow and reach new heights.

Dakota Manchester – Mentoring Testimonial

During the build up to opening our newest hotel in Manchester, Melanie was engaged to support the new Director of Sales to maximise her impact in the first year of operating.

With her years of experience and particularly her time heading up the sales team at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester, we felt she was the perfect choice to bring on board and ensure we were covering all bases.  Our Director of Sales came with extensive knowledge and key contacts in the Manchester marketplace, but from a non-hotel background. Melanie fulfilled a mentoring role to ensure she could quickly gain all the additional knowledge and understanding of this specific sector.  

Melanie was able to develop a strong working relationship, use her wealth of experience working with luxury hotels, including her track record in maximising revenues, allowing our DOS to flourish and excel.

Matt Townley

General Manager Dakota Hotels

Eclectic Hotels – Coaching Testimonial

“We approached Melanie following some successful training workshops which she had delivered for us for the Events Team.  We felt that she had the right skills and personality to support us in giving some focus on the wonderful Head Chefs and Sous Chefs in the business who were responsible for four separate brigades in the four hotels at the time.  Although we had an experienced Executive Head Chef for the group, each hotel had their own autonomy in the day to running of their department.  It was imperative that each team was operating to the highest standards in the cuisine they were delivering but at the same time developing a strong culture of caring for the individuals and providing the right platform for their development.  We wanted to make sure our chefs were happy in their work and that they felt truly valued.

Manchester has always been a very competitive marketplace including in relation to staff retention.  We felt that by investing in our senior chefs in the business, this would allow us to better evaluate their strengths, work closely to support their development and create more opportunities for their personal growth and career progression. 

Melanie introduced a format for a monthly coaching session where specific goals were explored and agreed, ultimately allowing them to develop their approach to people management and improved staff retention, whilst at the same time encouraging the creativity and passion in their food continued to flourish.”

Diane Williamson

Group Training & Development Manager Eclectic Hotels