Why we need to be more curious

Melanie Cash with employeeToday’s successful businesses are looking for a new breed of salesperson: people motivated more by the satisfaction of helping a customer, rather than just the financial reward. People who can delve deeper into the customer’s needs: what have they already seen, what did they like, what didn’t they like, what do they really need? The modern salesperson knows how to research and they know more about the buyer’s business than the buyer.

This new breed is naturally curious, not in a nosey way but in an intellectual way. They intuitively understand that today’s salesperson should be…


Dynamic telephone techniques to win more sales

telephone techniquesOne of the most important skills to master in sales is undoubtedly your ability to make effective sales calls, using effective telephone techniques to build rapport, create relationships, solve client problems and convert more business.

The world is constantly evolving. Consider some of the changes which are affecting us right now. The Brexit negotiations are now in full swing and we have a general election within a month. Business communication is also changing and we have to keep up with so many different communication platforms including social media sites and mobile apps. It is sometimes very confusing and we don’t know which is the best way to communicate with our clients.

It can be easy to avoid using the telephone, to send an email or text to catch up with a client, like we do with our friends, but I feel very strongly about the benefits of picking up the telephone and having a conversation. If you develop your telephone skills and fine tune the way you approach calls with your clients, it will bring you great rewards. It is still the quickest, most efficient and immediate form of communication. You just need to make sure you are being your most effective when you make calls.

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